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Friday Nov 21, 2014
From ~ 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Mark Shepherd, Executive Producer

Tales of the Afterlife & Alive Again Pilot

Mark ShepherdMark Shepherd, Executive Producer at Legacy Films & Media

What Happens When We Die?
Is there life beyond the grave? Do these encounters with death transform the lives of those who survive it?
Incredible stories from the afterlife used to only belong in the areas of faith, spirituality, and religion, but now it's estimated that between 8 to 14 million Americans have had a near-death experience and research is rapidly growing in this area from the academic fields of medicine, psychology and psychiatry.
Alive Again explores the age-old question of life after death as each episode features true stories of every day people who’ve been clinically dead, miraculously revived, and dramatically transformed by what they experienced on the other side. The show also weighs in with experts on the scientific facts for and against such phenomena.
In the end, it's up to the viewers to decide what to believe with the evidence and first hand personal accounts presented in each amazing episode of Alive Again.

Mark will share experiences that changed his way of thinking about the afterlife and show the never before seen pilot for the TV Series ~ “Alive Again.”

Mark Shepherd, Executive Producer at Legacy Films & Media, LLC in Northern California has been working in the video, film and television industry since 1985 (but he really became interested in storytelling at the age of 7 when he picked up his father’s 8mm film camera and started making short films!). He is the Founder and 6-time President of the Bay Area Professional Video Association and has been awarded numerous international awards, for his studio’s work, including a number of Telly Awards. He is the Co-Producer and Director of Photography for the film “The Narrow Road” which aired twice on the Cornerstone Television Network and now on Netflix.

Through his career, he has learned that there is nothing more remarkable and rewarding than being able to tell true stories. He has witnessed the power that these stories have and their ability to inspire and bring hope to people in the world. His most recent project is the docu-drama television series “Alive Again” which features people’s incredible stories of their near-death experience and the impact it has had on their lives. The show will be pitched to television networks very shortly.

The website for the series is and a short video overview of the series can be viewed at:
You can also visit the series on Facebook at:

Registration starts at 6:00 pm.
Meeting begins promptly at 6:30 pm.
A $10 at the door.
No advance sales
At the Holiday Inn
441 Electronics Parkway
Liverpool, NY 13088
For Directions Click Here

Alive Again



Experiencer Only Sharing Group.

Experiencer Meeting is every third Friday night of the month from 6:30 - 8:30 PM
We ask for a $5.00 Heart donation.

The next Experiencer Only Sharing Group meetings will be:
Friday Oct 17, 6:30 - 8:30 pm (Movie Night ~ Wake Up) Open to the Public
Friday Nov 21, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

The meeting is held at the RoseHeart Center
5900 N.Burdick St., East Syracuse, NY ~ Suite 201
For directions go to
All Experiencers are Welcome.
We are creating an opportunity for experiencers to sit and share just with other experiencers. So we may discuss how our experiences changed our lives, what obstacles we overcame, and what obstacles we are now facing. Helping us all through the integration to healthier lives.

When we say experiencer, we are talking about any Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE). That includes NDEs, NDLEs, OBEs, Kundalini Experiences, or any form of Spiritual Awakenings.

Our definition of a spiritually transformative experience or STE:
"An experience is spiritually transformative when it causes people to daily perceive themselves and the world profoundly different: by expanding the individual’s identity, augmenting their sensitivities, and thereby altering their values, priorities and appreciation of the purpose of life."
A STE can occur at any time, to any person, under any circumstance.



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